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Activities to teach Length


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Every Wednesday and Friday I work with small groups while the students work in math stations. This week I am trying to figure a good activity to put in a station for measurement/ length. Anyone have any interesting activities?

And... How can I post documents, such as Word files?


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two ideas

One center that is really fun was to have the kids make paper airplanes and fly them from a single spot. Then they all had to measure using a long measuring tape the length of the flight. (I did this outside)

Another fun one is to choose a fact from Guiness Book of World Records such as "longest hair, longest sandwich etc and have the kids measure those out. I also did this one on the yard so they could draw the items in chalk.

For in-class length lessons have them do the length of the classroom in unifix cubes and then figure out what that length is equal to in standard measurment.

Have fun.