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Adding to my workout - Ab Lounge?


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I work out with weights about 6 days a week. I do upper body one day, then lower body the next day. I hate doing the crunches, but I do them. There are also a few other abdominal exercises I do, some with weights. My belly is still a bit round, like I'm about 4 months pregnant or something. I've worked out for 4 months now and I had hoped to see more progress (and less belly) by now. I've had abdominal surgery, if that makes a difference in the belly not shrinking, I don't know.

I'm wondering if I pick up an Ab Lounge, if that would help move things along. Like I said, I hate crunches, and if I had to do them on my "day off" from crunches, I'd be resentful. I need your opinions, would it help? Isn't it easier than just doing crunches on the floor? I see these advertised around here for a pretty good price, but I don't want to waste my money if it might not work for me. All comments are appreciated.


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I tried it

and I must be doing it wrong. Ab Lounge or cruches, I always seem to crank my neck. I too have that pouch after two C-sections, I think when those muscles are cut for surgery, it is so hard to get that muscle back. If anyone has another cure, please let us know.


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Excellent AB exercises!

I find that crunches tend to strain my neck but I still do them a couple of times per week. I'd suggest a couple of exercises to develop core strength. I've been doing these for the past couple of months and have noticed drastic improvements. Working hard at that six-pack!

1) Plank - I'm sure you can look this up online for detailed instructions. You basically suspend your body using your arms and feet while facing the ground. You need to keep your body as tight and straight as possible to work on your core. Try to hold it for as long as possible and increase the number of seconds with every workout.

2) Leg Lifts - lay on your back and hold onto something with your arms over your head (couch works great). Lift your legs straight to the ceiling. Twist your hips a bit to one side and lift your legs to each side and off the floor as well. You can also try to write the entire alphabet with your legs lifted off the floor, go slow letter by letter using your feet as if they were pencils! It's kind of a fun exercise but super difficult too!!

Hope that helps!!!! I know these two exercises have done WONDERS for myself. I personally would not spend money on any AB machine with my experience and stories from friends they don't work. Find exercises that work for you, and remember to mix up your routine for variety and fun! Good luck!!


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I agree! <!--yuck--> Don't waste money on an Ab Lounger! The key to good abs is diet! However, you still need to exercise and do cardio and muscle building! Remember to suck in you belly when you exercise, shop, and work, too!


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Ab workout

I have an old Denise Austin video called Hit the Spot Abs. It has 3 10-minute segments of nothing but ab exercises. It's still my favorite way to work my abs because it's so varied. Just a thought...


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A Pilates reformer is great for working your core muscles. It helps with everything. I'm not a big QVC shopper, but that's where I got mine, about 5 years ago. It's a painless way to exercise.


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the ball

I love the ball. You can do crunches on it, laying back to have more range of motion. I also use it as a weight bench, and, of course, for stretching. Anything you do on the ball works your core and stabalizing muscles. If you do weights on it, just make sure you find one that doesn't pop when pricked. I got mine at therapyzone.com for about $25.