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Adjectives Help


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My students are having a hard time understanding adjectives. Does anyone have a cute and fun lessons/activities? I would like to do this next week. Maybe I can tie in something with Thanksgiving?



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I just posted this on another thread so I am sorry if you are reading it twice:o.
I write a descriptive paragraph and put ______________s where the adjectives should be. (I write it on the overhead and don't let the students read it.) Then, I call on them to give me adjectives and write them on the blanks. After we have filled in all of the blanks, I turn on the overhead and we read the (hilarious) paragraph and see how the adjectives help.


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I have them imagine that they see a box of the cuttest little puppies. I have them look at thier puppies and hug them and hold them in thier arms. They then open their eyes and describe their puppies..
Cute, chubby, fluffy, brown, tallest etc...

I then have them draw it and then write their words on a white card.
We then write sentences about our puppies..
Thats one thing....