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Administrators and Schoolboard vs teachers


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When did teaching get this way? I work over 50-60 hours a week for my classroom. I have been doing this since the 70's. Countless dollars of my own spent so students can have a great hands on education. Most of my fellow teachers do the same. Yet, our school board and superintendent continue to treat us like we are something they stepped in and need to scrape off their shoe. My husband is in business. He works a lot fewer hours than me, and gets paid three times what I get paid. He receives kudos, respect, and knows that his boss thinks he is great. Our school board president is determined to strip us of our health benefits, our pensions, and any salary that would bring us up to a decent standard of living. We receive 8 sick days a year and can only use these for actually being sick. If we have a funeral to attend, we will be docked. One teacher's daughter lives out of state and the teacher wants to be with her when she has her baby. Can't go, not even without pay. For the death of a spouse we can only be out 5 days, and that is only if you have the days in your sickbank. We are unionized, too. So I don't see what I am paying union dues for, and it is a hefty chunk of change. What conditions do you have re:sick days??

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sick days

11 sick days, 2 personal, 3 family illness. Death in family is not charged against these. There are a set number of days depending on the relationship, I think. Religious days are taken from personal. They all can be carried over. If you use more than 2 personal days, they are taken from sick days. That is in the past few years.

We had a teacher whose husband died unexpectedly last spring. She took several weeks, using carried over days.

My principal says our family should come first. He realizes that we will not be effective if our mind is on a sick family member at home.


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sick leave

20 sick days each school year, "deposited" to your sick leave account on the first teaching day of the year. Several catergories for how sick days are used. No "personal days" as such. Death in the immediate family is 5 days. More time would require special permission. Options for special circumsatance leaves are usually without pay. Sick days are carried over from year to year and can acculumate to a maximum of 340 days. I have about 311 sick days accumulated. School year is 194 days.


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We get 10 sick days per year. We are paid $30 for each "new" day of that year we didn't use. Sick days are carried over, but "new" sick days are used first (reducing the bonus pay in July). My sister died last January and I'm 3 states away from family. I took off 5 days. Bereavement took 2 days and I was told to come back when I was ready to. I know a teacher who was very close with her grandfather and she took about 8 days when he died, no problem, as long as she had the additional sick days to cover the time (she did). We get two personal days, and that would have to be used for something like being with daughter having a baby.

I haven't yet tried to take a mental health day, so last time I needed a sick day, I called my principal, and said I couldn't come in, needed to use a sick day. She actually asked me if I were sick, so I decided I would not be able to use a mental health day in the future unless I'm willing to lie to her. I'm not.


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sick days

We earn one sick day each month in NC where I'm now working, so we can get up to 10 per school year. They keep accumulating if you don't use them. My understanding is that they turn into $$$ for you when you retired, but you can only accumulate and get paid for up to 100 days. Seems like a good incentive for those who are in the last years of their teaching career. We officially get personal days, and I have some of those accumulated, but I understand that we are supposed to pay for a sub if we use those days. If we think we're going to be out for personal reasons, we're "sick."

When I worked in South Carolina, we had 12 sick days per year, and they were fairly liberal about the description of "sick." We had teachers who would use their sick days to visit relatives, go on a honeymoon, etc. When my father died several years ago, I was told that I was not limited to the number of days I could take for leave time, even though most places generally give you three days of excused absence for death in the family. We didn't have to pay for a sub for our personal absences.


We were just told my our new principal that we were not allowed to use sick days unless we returned with a doctor's note! How can that be? If I don't feel good, I don't want to be at the school spreading my germs to the kiddos or just feeling lousy and unproductive. Also I never go to the doctor's unless I feel it is bad enough and might require a prescription. Our teacher insurance requires us to meet a $350 co-pay. Well if I don't go to the dr. very often I will have to pay each time. I just don't think that's right. Of course there are people who get away without having a note, but I feel like if I want to take a day I'll be the one that she asks for the note. We do get 2 personal days a year, but they dock our pay for the sub. Why do we get sick days that carry over if we can't use them when we feel as though it's necessary? It just doesn't make sense to me.


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It never ceases to amaze me how little respect the teaching profession has.

My school (private) gives us 7 medical days (anything related to medicine - kids' appointments, illness in family, etc.), 3 personal, and some for professional development. Our days don't roll over from year to year.


sick days

We get ten sick days a year, two personal days. We were told by admin this year that we weren't allowed to use a sick day for dr's appts at all. Our union rep immediately made a phone call and that was put to rest. But I can't call in for a sub until the night before. :) It drives me crazy how we get treated like we are kids!

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doctor's note

We only need a doctor's note for three or more consecutive days. There are exceptions, as for a honeymoon.


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We used to get 10 days per year but in Sept. we switched to hours and I don't know how many hours we get per month. I know I had 23 days of sick time in Sept.
We get 5 days for immediate family (mother, father, husband, wife, child, Brother, Sister), we get 3 days for (grandparents), we 1 for (Uncle, Aunt)
We don't get personal days starting this year. We were suckered into taking a lesser insurance with the promise that we would not longer have to pay any deductable and co-pay. Well that was true for this year but in July we will start gettinig money taken out of our paycheck for medical again.
Funny when cuts need to be made that it always starts with the teachers. They always that they are doing what is best for the kids but if they did that they would make sure the teachers were well taken care of and appreciated and they would take a pay cut instead of yearly raises. I say I am in it for the kids but lately the politics is really getting to me and I don't know if I can take it any more. Parents, administrators and kids cussing at you, calling you names, threatening you with bad evaluations etc.... Power does strange things to the human mind.


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I am spoiled

The more I read on these boards the more I realize how spoiled I am.
We get 9 sick days, 2 personal days every year. Funerals are not counted with these.
My district is very family friendly and my principal is wonderful.
Her comments were "you would be so sick here at school if you were missing .... so you might as well stay home." :D


sick leave

We get 12 sick days, 2 personal - I don't know about funerals and such... I think they do count against our leave time.

The days do carry over from year to year. You can really use the sick days for any reason...even vacations. Nobody asks questions, as long as you have the leave time saved up, you've earned it and its your business to use it as you wish.


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need more days

five sick-two personal
I used my days on the flu. Our days carry over but who has any?


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Time off

We get sick time added to each check. Right now I think that I have over 80 days of sick time. The principal even keeps positions open for teachers who take time off for children (one teacher has been off for two years and her classroom is still in her name). It does not work for each teacher. I am sure that if Fran takes off for a year or so with her baby she will not get her job back but precident has been set.
I do not get questioned if I take a day off for sickness. Last Thursday I threw up on the kids and had to take the rest of the day and
Friday off. No questions were asked. Other principals ask for docter notes but district does not have this policy unless ten days in a row are taken.
I do have it good but I feel a bit jelous of those teachers who took a year or more off with their kids and I took my seven weeks.