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Adventure Unit Read Aloud ?


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Does anyone have any titles of read alouds for an adventure unit? My kids will be reading City of Ember, which they love, so I want something just as exciting!



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Far North

Far North by Wil Hobbs is really a great book. Of course Brian's Winter by Paulsen is always a great read.


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Adventure Title

We read Hatchet by Gary Paulson for our adventure story. When we've completed the book, I have them write their own adventure story using a guide that I designed. They really enjoy the book and writing their own adventure.

We also read Mr. Tucket also by Gary Paulson. It could be used as an adventure book, but we usually use it when we cover the Westward Expansion unit.

You said you'll be reading The City of Ember. That is a great book, too. Our fifth grade team uses it as a read aloud when we do our unit on electricity.


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Follow up

Follow up the CIty of Ember with the People of Sparks, but don't bother with the third book in the series which is a prequel and it is an okay story but does not really explain the other two books.

Also anything by Will Hobbs. Also Touching Spirit Bear.

Series like Gordon Korman's Everest, Island or Shipwrecked and his On the Run Series.

Anthony Horowitz StormBreaker series. Just some different ideas, the others mentioned above were great also.;)