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advice for teaching 2nd grade reading

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I am teaching 2nd grade reading for the first time in my 25 years of teaching. We are using a new assessment program called IRLA that has set up power goals for each child. Many of the goals are to teach the students to read one syllable word, two syllable words, three syllable words, but I do not have any activities to do with them and don't know what best practices are as I have never done this before. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Does your school have a good assessment for phonics? Start at the very beginning. Not just do they know letter names and sounds, but do they know blends, digraphs, various long vowel spellings, such as ay, i_e, etc? Then you know what holes to fill in with phonics lessons, which will help students be able to sound out words. If they do not have a good one, send me a PM and I'll forward a very good one we use.

I use white boards or the app Magnetic Letters to have kids manipulate words. Example when we were studying ck making the k sound. "Make a 4 letter word that says lick." "Now change the vowel so lick says luck." "Now change one letter in luck so that it says duck"...

See if your school will buy Lexia, Razkids, or Epic Books licenses. Some good reading comprehension stories can be found on Readworks.org. You can search by topic and change the grade level for harder or easier levels.

Does your school have small sets of little reading books? Ours are leveled by letter (Fountas and Pinnell levels). Each letter has different skill sets we work on. They should be reading every day, particularly with books that are close to their correct level.

Also, talk to K-2 teachers at your school. Ask for advice! I am sure they will be a fountain of knowledge for you. Just a few thoughts for you! Good luck!