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Advice health issue


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I have a student starting with a major health issue and the others are going to gave to be careful around this student…
Any advice for a book activity something to explain to the students to. Be careful?


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My very first year teaching K, I had a little boy who was diagnosed with cancer (tumor in colon). I talked with his mom and the little boy beforehand about how much information he wanted shared. His mom came in. She read a book. (I'm sorry, but I don't remember the title because it was so long ago.) He shared with the class in very simple terms what was going on. He had several surgeries during that year, had a temporary cholostomy (sp?), went through chemo and lost his hair. He had a port for medication and a cholostomy bag so we had to be very careful. His classmates were very empathetic towards him and very protective of him.

Maybe talk to the child and parents to see how much info they want shared. Depending on the health issue, maybe your school nurse can recommend a book or come in to talk to your class about the particular health condition. Depending on how comfortable the student is, the student could be present or go on an "errand" to another class when the nurse speaks to the class.