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Advice needed


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I have been using Lancome liquid foundation and love it but I need to be a bit more practical price wise. I like a liquid foundation that is oil free. Does any one use a foundation that isn’t too expensive? I’m finding that my upkeep is getting more costly as I get older! I’ll soon need a second job!


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I love MAC liquid foundation...its still a bit pricy though probably 20 bucks a bottle but it lasts forever and it is great on your skin! Plus they match it to your color which is great.


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I have used Loreal foundation for years and always get compliments on my skin. I have no idea if it is oil based and I dont know how much Lancome is so I dont know if it's more expensive. Usually a bottle of Loreal runs about 9 or 10 bucks.


I use Lancome and feel the same way too, but I've never found anything I like as much as Lancome. I love that it feels like I'm not wearing any make-up. It takes so long to get through a bottle, so I justify it that way=)


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trust your opinions

Thanks nocturnalgurl, kyteacher1, and Alicia.:) I appreciate your advice. I’ve thought of trying Loreal since they have good mascara., kyteacher. I kind of regret tying the Lancome. It’s SO nice. Alicia, you have a good point. I think that the bottle lasted 3 months. :) Nocturnalgurl, I’ve actually heard good things about MAC. Do you find it in department stores?

I know it's sounds silly, but I trust the opinions of teachers. As I read these boards I see how much we have in common. Thanks so much for your input.


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I felt the same way about the price of cosmetics. I like Revlon age defying makeup. I buy the kind in a tube that has SPF in it.

If I were to use a more expensive product, I'd probably go to a Mary Kay Rep or Beauti-Control because the representative would take the time to make sure I got a product that I liked that suited my skin's texture, tone, and complexion.