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Advice on book reports



I know what type of project I'm doing. What I'm not sure of is how to get this going. Do I let them read the book at home and do the whole thing at home or in class? Should they be reading all the same genre? We place so much emphasis on AR- should the book report book be an AR book only? I've actually got the project in mind and the rubric made...:) I just need to know how to get it off the ground. Any examples of how you do book reports is appreciated!!!


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I would say it depends on your kids. I have worked at a low socio-economic school where nothing would get done at home so we did everything at school, I have also worked in higher socio-economic schools where parents LOVE helping to do this kind of thing at school, and they get them done and turn them in. I wouldn't force the kids to do an AR book but I would mention that IF they DO happen to get an AR book then they can test on it and kill two birds with one stone so to speak. You may get a kid who finds a book they really want to use for the project but that isn't AR, I'd want him to be excited about the project and choose the book he wants.

Good Luck! What is the project you have in mind?


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What I do

Many times the book is read at school. I do send home the directions, rubric and due date. THe students complete the project at home, but I let parents know that I can supply the materials needed to make the project if they need me to. Toward the end of the year I do assign a book report project or two that the book is read independently.

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Book Projects

I work at a school where most parents enjoy doing this type of project with their child (children). I usually assign three-four book project every year. The book is usually read at home and the project is completed there as well. If students need supplies or materials, I offer those to them. The first book project allows students to read a book of their choice, but after that I usually assign a genre, so they become exposed to different literature. For my students' second report, I am having them read a fantasy or sci-fiction book. Hope this helps!