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Although I have been teaching for a number of years and have switched grade levels before, completed National Boards, and completed my master's degree for some reason this year is killing me. I am teaching a new grade this year (third) and I love it, but I can't find enough time to be a mom, wife, teacher, housekeeper, accountant (bill payer), shopper (groceries, etc.), laundry serrvice, chef (ha ha), etc. In previous years when I have taught a new grade and when I tackled National Boards I did not have a child. Therefore I know that part of my inability to balance everything this year comes from the fact I am now a mom, but still I completed my master's degree while working and being a mom.

Anyhow I am looking for some tips on how all the other moms do it? I love teaching and even if we could afford for me to quit working I would never dream of doing it, but my little one starts kindergarten next year and I know it will only be worse. Please share your 3 (or more) most helpful tips to balancing teaching and all the jobs being a mom includes. Thanks!

P.S. Sleep deprivation is not an option, I need my sleep. MAybe I am just getting old, ugh!


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How to do it all and get some sleep...

When I started to feel overwhelmed, I mentioned my frustration in a chat room. Lo and Behold! an answer came from another person in the room. FlyLady.net! This site gives many helpful ideas and a real plan to get it all done. My hubby calls it my lesson plan book for the home. It can (and does) work. She advocates working for 15 minutes to get things done. Go to the site and take a look, use what works and delete what doesn't. I found it helpful.


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Balancing Act

I do a few things to keep my sanity. Here are the top three:

1) Schedule time for your children, scheduletime to be with your spouse, schedule time for yourself. If you schedule it, stick to it - NOTHING changes this part of your schedule. None of these scheduled times have to be long - 15 minute nap for yourself before cooking dinner one day a week. 30 minutes with your hubbie every other day just before bed. A 30 minute date with each child once a week to do a craft, bake cookies, have ice cream... You 'll be amazed at how far a short scheduled time will go for your peace of mind.
2) Leave work at work one night per week and DON"T feel guilty about it! You deserve the mid-week break. Don't break this one even though the first few times you do it you will worry about everything you are not getting done. Eventually you WILL be able to relax on this evening. This is also a greaat evening to get the kids in bed early and spend time with your hubbie.
3) Plan an afternoon outing at least once a month on the weekend. This can be anyhting you enjoy, and can even be the same thing every month. My favorite once a month outing is to relax with my hubbie and another couple at the winery. It takes no work and is very relaxing.

I guess the big thing for me is that I plan my time. Not every minute of it, just some of it and I really have learned to stick to my scheduled breaks and dates.

Good luck with your balancing act!:)


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Learn to let some things go

I understand what you are saying. I am a mother of three and I used to feel like I had to accomplish everything on my list. WHEW!!! I could not keep up with things. I soon found out that sometimes that was impossible. Learn to let it go. Not everything has to be done all the time. It is okay not to do everything on your list. The most important thing is to spend time with your family and make time for yourself!