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After school class


New Member
I have recently started teaching an after school ESL class for 6 kindergarten age kids in China. Tbh I like the class and all the kids are nice and friendly but discipline in the room is terrible. I used to teach in another kindergarten in China two classes of 25 kids the same age and they all used to sit down and pay attention.

The class I am teaching now seems, in comparison, out of control. They can't stop moving around and talking. I am just starting to make some movement by insisting if they want to say anything they must first raise their hands and wait. But it still seems a long way from the discipline the first kindergarten had. Without the kids paying attention it is very hard to get through the lessons and actually teach them something.

I suppose my question is more about the assistants I have. It was never my responsibility in the first kindergarten to control the kids, I always had an assistant to do that. If the assistants ever left the room there would often be chaos. What I would like to know is, what do you think the assistants in the first kindergarten were doing that was so different to the assistants I have here. I don't think they were scaring the kids because they were always happy.

I don't really mind if the assistants improve or not. To be honest, I would prefer I knew how to keep the kids settled rather than depending on others. Any ideas on how to control a kindergarten age class while keeping them happy and learning would be very appreciated. Also bear in mind, I usually have parents watching so I have to keep them happy too.