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Ahhh, Thanksgiving Break and the sound of


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CALL OF DUTY 4!!! Does anyone with teenage boys identify with my pain??!!
I had planned to have the food network on while I was cooking, but no, just gunshots and yelling!!!:s) (the pumpkin icon you see is actually a santa in disguise)


Ha! Teenage boys AND a husband to boot! I feel your pain.

They were up playing till past 3:00 a.m. last night, so are sleeping soundly right now, but, I know it won't last long.

I just shake my head....especially about my H. Will he ever outgrow video games? I doubt it!


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No teenage boys ~ it's just my dh playing at our house! He will have to go a few days without at his dad's house though, poor baby!!


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I can't stand to go in the kitchen while my DH is playing one of his games. I hate the sound of metal clanging and banging and yelling! He has a whole building dedicated to computers but doesn't like to play out there. At least our DS's play in their bedrooms.