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Alphabet/Phonics activities with MOVEMENT!



Hey all,
So, I've got the nutty 24 student, 19 boys class and I have to spend 50 consecutive minutes before first recess working on alphabet, phonemic awareness, and early sound-spelling correspondence. The Green Section we Open Court folks know and love.

My question: what are some quick, contained stand up and move around activities I can throw into this block to give a kinesthestic break? Keeping in mind that my little guys really struggle to do movement, singing and dance activities without dogpiling or clobbering, I still want to give them some chances to move.



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Have you tried any of Jack Hartmann's music. Most of them can be done standing in one place. Also try adding hand motions to your ABC song. I use the one from sing spell read and write. It helps them learn the sounds by doing the motions.


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Dr. Jean

My kiddos like the alphardy song from Dr. Jean. I have X's on my carpet and they have to stay standing on their X. If they can't stay on their X or hit others while doing the motions they have to sit and sing without the motions. I also use the song from sing spell read and write and they do the ABC in sign language.


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Dr. Jean has a CD that has Lettersize on (I think it is on her "IS EVERYBODY HAPPY" cd) if I am wrong someone on this board will correct me I'm sure. I have a class of 21 students, 17 are boys and they love this song because it is to the Rocky theme song and they punch out the letters and sounds. I also agree with the Alphabet Bop song of Jack Hartman. I got the cheap dollar store microphones and the gentlemen of my class love to make up their own rap movements as they sing the alphabet into their microphones! Hope this ideas hep you.


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I agree with lovkteaching

My students - also very heavy on the boys (what's going on here???) love Lettersize. Dr. Jean also has many other CD's with movement: her months of the year macarena, Who Let the Letters Out?, to name a few. I would highly recommend any of her CD's. Greg and Steve and Jack Hartman also have some great Cd's with movement.


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Phonics Dance

My students do the Phonics dance everyday. It's a singing and movement activity that goes with each letter of the alphabet. There is a website just do a google. If you have any other questions just ask.


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LOLThat's funny that you all have so many boys! I only have two this year! My room is extremely calm!<!--misspeak-->