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Alphabet sounds



In my class each day we do the alphabet sounds. a ah apple, b buh ball,. I find it does find a lot of success the students that are usually clueless about sounds catch on fast. However, the ones that are low can tell you the sound each letter makes but won't recongize the sound is words other than the word that we say for that letter. For example they will say g guh, goat but when you say what does gate start with they don't know. Make sense. Is this a bad idea? It is in the Guided Reading book? Please let me know.

Also, how does everyone teaching reading? I am looking for new ideas.



letter sounds

I have a few students in my class that had this problem. Focus on two sounds that the children can compare that are easy to hear (/m/ and /s/). Have the children say the sound. Have them put their fingers on their lips to feel the shape of the mouth when they say the sound (when they say /m/ their lip are closed, when the say /s/ their mouths are open and air is escaping to their teeth). Talk about the difference. Have them look at themselves in a mirror as they say the sound. Show the students pictures of different things that start with the letter. Have the children say the word, feel with their mouth as they say the word, and look in the mirror. Have them sort the pictures according to their beginning sound. Some kids need a lot of support. I have also seen teachers make a "telephone" out of plastic tubing that helps them hear themselves say the sound.

I recommend looking at hubbardscupboard.org for ideas on how to teaching reading. There are a lot of wonderful things on this web site.


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reading series


Check out this program, I love it, the songs teach both letter sounds and letter names...we've used it since October and all our Kindergarten kids are way ahead of where they were last year.

We also have the basal program Nation's Choice by Hougfhton Mifflin - and it almost skips just letter sounds and focuses on blending words, it does every little with isolating letter sounds and naming them.


Phonics Sounds

I am looking for a CD which says the sound of the Alphabet ONLY.
you guys know where I can even buy/download something like that??

We play games in class,where kids hear noise where they have to say what it was from.

i wanna use the same for Alphabet sounds