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Amazing Race - who should win?


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Ok folks, we are down to the last three groups for the final race. Who do you want to win?
The Linz family, The Weaver family, or the Bransen family.

My vote is for the Bransen family. I didn't really like them at first because I thought they were kind of mean to their dad, but as the race has continued they have been very encouraging with him. I like that family and I hope they win.:D

Indiana Jen

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Amazing Race

I'm for the Bransen's or the Linz's. The Weaver's are getting on my nerves. They talk about everyone else hating them and the other's aren't kind but they don't seem very kind when talking about the other teams.

Teach 5

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I'm hoping it's the Linz family. We started rooting for them early in the race because they are from Ohio (we are too) and two of them go to my daughter's college. They've done well & we have been attracted to any other team, so we hope they win.;)


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Reality TV

This reality tv has become addicting. ALmost an obsession. I hope anyone but the Weavers win.
Marie from PA

Chicago Teacher

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Race Teams

I haven't liked this season of the Amazing Race as much as I usually do.

My husband and I have liked the Linz family from the beginning because their sense of humor reminded us of "the brothers" from a season or two ago and we really liked them. We hope they win.


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anyone but the Weaver's

I, too, haven't like Amazing Race as well as I have in the past.

For me, I hope it's the Linz family. The Weaver's are always feeling so sorry for themselves.-|--


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Linz Family...

I'm for the Linz family! They are so funny. :p At first, I liked the Bransen's...however that changed when the Race came through Alabama. I'm from Alabama, so I didn't appreciate them making fun of the state I live in! :mad: Also, I can't stand the Weaver family. They are always complaining, and the mom really does look like the wicked witch of the west!

Go Linz's!!!!