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Amazing Race


Senior Member
Yahoo -- It starts tonight!! I'm having pancakes for supper (Shrove Tuesday) and then I'll plop myself on the couch for the next 2 hours!!(and try to mark diagnostic tests during the commercials) :D


Full Member
Sooooo excited

This is my absolute favorite show. I am so excited that it starts tonight!!!!!!!!!!!:)


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Me too.

I love this show. It is so addicting. Well, I should rephrase that. All reality tv has me hooked , for the most part.

Marie from PA


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Yay! Amazing Race is my favorite too...well, The Mole was my all time favorite, but since it's not on anymore...

I was incredibly disappointed with the family version. I stopped watching after several weeks when they still hadn't left the U.S. Bring on the regular version!

Teach 5

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can't wait

It makes for great lunchroom conversation since almost all of the teachers I eat with watch it.

Mrs. O

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Now I am up to two shows a week.

I am going to be watching two shows a week now. Amazing Race and Survivor are the best. I think I might could even do the Amazing Race, their stunts don't seem too hard for the most part. I couldn't do Survivor because I don't think like they do, and the bugs would drive me insane. The previews make Amazing Race seem like it will be a good season.


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I love the Amazing Race!!

I'm a big fan of the Amazing Race also! What did you think about tonight's season premiere? I thought it was really good, but I already have an idea of which teams I hope are eliminated early on in the race!

Mrs. O...I wish I was only watching two shows a week! Hmmmm...I don't think I could count all my shows on both hands...Amazing Race, Survivor, Bachelor (which just ended), American Idol (on 3 times this week!), The O.C., CSI (yes...I faithfully watch all 3), ...and I'm sure I am forgetting something! :eek: I wonder how I still find the time to do schoolwork, go to the gym, etc.?


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Hi everyone. I love Amazing Race. The new show started in Perth last Thursday night so only a night or two behind you in the USA. Our TV stations here decided not to show the family one. So Perth is Western Australia is only a day or two behind. We won't get Survivor till after the Commonwealth Games in two weeks. :)