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American Idol Last Night


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What do you think about American Idol last night? I was amazed at how well most of them sang. I couldn't believe Chris! He sounded so nice when he sang" It's A Wonderful World." Even Simon was clapping for him. Katherine and Elliot also did well. I think Kelli may be leaving tonight.


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Hi, ABBA...like the name by the way:)

I watched last night as well. I thought that Simon sure was free with handing out the compliments last night. Makes one wonder what has been happening behind the scenes this past week. I've been hearing that Taylor, and former-idol Bucky accused Simon of not giving constructive criticism, but then, I heard Bucky on a talk show re-tract what someone else had wrongly reported that he had said, and he said that Simon did give him one great piece of advice, that he can really work on, and that was about word pronunciation. Also, I heard that Taylor was miffed because of Simon asking him last week on there if he was drunk, after he performed his song. And, I heard that Taylor thought that the reason that Simon didn't give him compliments is because he didn't like the style of music that he sang. I haven't heard Taylor's own comments on that one, though, so I'm not sure if that's exactly what the whole "thing" is about. I did notice last night that Simon complimented everyone...except Elliott, and even he came around after saying something rude, and followed it up with a compliment. That was completely out of his character last night, and I don't think he was intentionally being nice, I think it was more like forced niceness.

anyway...I watched. Here's what I thought....song selection for Chris....was off. I would NOT have chosen a song like that for Chris..my husband who a HUGE Chris fan was disappointed last night when he heard him...he said, "What happened to him?"

I heard Paris and thought...average...
Kellie....her performance was a nightmare.
Ace was......average.

Katharine was AWESOME...I thought the song choice was good...she sounded really, really good on that song.

And, I liked Elliott's song, but I worry because he doesn't seem as dynamic as the others.

Taylor of course was good....

I think the best...I have to agree with the judges...was Katharine.

I think the bottom three may be....

And...I hope it's not Chris or Elliott instead of one of the others...



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I have to agree that Kelli sounded awful. No spirit in her singing. Is she trying to get by on her looks?

And Paula? I have read the rumors about her being drunk, on drugs, etc. She certainly acts rather strangely, and sometimes not altogether coherent. Last night she was wearing her hair over her face, and that, combined with the way she was talking made me wonder if the rumors have been true. Her remarks about contestants sound rather senseless. She said something last night to Kelli like: Oh, well, your singing wasn't all that great, but you look beautiful (or your dress is beautiful), or something equally inane.


You look good

but that doesn't mean you're good lookin' :) - just kidding - but I've noticed Paula making that crazy comment since day 1 (your singing was ok, or not good, or whatever but you look good) and I keep wanting to say to her, "What in the world is that supposed to mean??"


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paula's comment was...

about Kellie's shoes.

She said well, at least you have beautiful shoes...

(I was thinking, "ok....when is Simon going to remind her again that this is a SINGING competition like he usually does".)

And, then Kellie said, "well, when all else fails, at least have great shoes."

I haven't noticed one REAL comment about singing this year from her, and I watch the show each week. It's usually something about their looks, their hair, their makeup, their dancing, or in Kellie's case the other night...their shoes"...and let's don't forget the week she mentioned ace's scar, when he sang "drops of Jupiter", and she mentioned that maybe they could compare????? (Randy and simon quickly cut her off after that statement.) I think it may be the medication she's on or something....I'm just not sure what she's thinking some nights when she's judging. I like her, but I wonder if she's lost her effectiveness as a judge on the show.