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American Idol tonight



Did anyone watch the guys on American Idol tonight? I really think a lot of them are doing better than the girls. However, I thought that Taylor's dance moves tonight made him look like he was having a seizure! :p
Ace did a great job with the Michael Jackson song. Elliot was also really good tonight. Last night I thought that Mandisa did an incredible job with her song, and Katharine was great too. I agreed with Simon that Melissa did not do very well, although I've liked her in the past....I am hooked on this show! Who do you think will get voted off?


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I too am hooked. My favorites are Chris (hot!) and Mandisa in that order. I agree poor old Taylor has always looked like he was having a seizure. It is actually improving I think. He sounded good though. Gotta root for the bama boy! I predict Melissa and Kevin will be gone for sure. Not sure about the other two. Maybe brady bunch boy. They definetly have some good ones this year. It will be tough.


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tayler is my fave! he is just quirky--i love it! i like his different style (as a person and music "genre" choice).

he does look like he's having a seizure when he moves! i think it's cute.



seems very nice, but I don't think that I could keep watching him perform for the next few months. I am just not really that impressed with his talent. However, he does appear to be a very likeable person.


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American Idol

Come on guys, Taylor is great. Dancing might not be his thing, but his voice is the best to me on the show. It is defintely different than others, but I like that style.

I'm rooting for him all the way!



Hey All!!!
I love the show and never miss a second of it. The guys do seem to be doing much better than the girls, surprisingly after the first week when the girls do so well. I think that Kevin, Will, Kinnik, and ? will go home. I really have liked Melissa so I hope its not her. We will have to tune in tonight, talk to you soon!!.


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O.K...I'm late on the subject, BUT....lol

Here's my pics for tonight, and I'm SERIOUSLY hoping I get to see it...(tornado watch for the entire area right now, until 6 tonight, and EXTREMELY severe thunderstorms throughout the night for pretty much the whole state of Mississippi, and a good part of alabama, and Louisiana... So, if it rains hard, my Directv goes out...it's almost like having cable again...lol.

Now, I've been watching and here's my prediction...Taylor now, nothing against the Bama boy or nothing, because I LOVE Taylor(don't tell my husband that...lol) ;) but I thought he was pitching a baseball on that one move, when he kept winding his arm up last night...too funny. He needs some serious dance lessons. Of course, So does Bucky...lol.
(Bless his poor little calamari heart...lol.) ;)

My husband, who I have recruited as my AI watching sidekick now has different predictions that mine for tonight, and he wanted me to bet on it, for money, but I didn't want to take a chance on that.
HE said that he thinks it will be : Kevin, bucky, kinnik, and he wasn't sure about the last person.

I think it will be: Kevin(the one that looks like Chicken Little), Will (the bobby brady looking boy), and Kinnik, and Melissa.

However, like I told him...it wouldn't surprise me if Bucky or Gedeon went home tonight, instead of one of those other two, but it really just depends on how many people voted.

We voted for taylor, and Chris, and Mandisa, and Kellie.
(we always vote two times when we don't agree on who to vote for...lol.)

He always asks me if Simon is on target with his comments, and sad but true, many times what he's saying is right about their pitch, and even song choice...it doesn't sound very good with some of their voices, when he's telling them that...what's odd is, many times I will have already made a comment about that person's song, and then he'll say the same thing, or something very similar.

Scary thought that Simon and I think alike. :0



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who gets voted off

I don't remember everybody's name, but I will have to say that the dorky-looking kid with the glasses will get voted off. He really seems like a sweet kid, but he isn't an American Idol, nor does he sing that well. Bucky looks rather stiff and needs some good moves, don't you all think?

I am not sure about the girls...