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American Idol


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Anybody watching American Idol? I love it. Being a bama girl I have been hooked watching the bama boys (Bo and Ruben). I am loving Chris (sang Wanted tonight) and also Ace (what a cutie!). Any other Idol viewers out there have a favorite?


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I love American Idol!! I think I have too many favorites to list right now! I'm also hooked with watching the Bama boys, since I too am a Bama girl! :p

I'll have to see how the performances go over the next couple weeks to see who truly stands out. I agee that Chris and Ace are two of my favorite guys. I also liked Lisa Tucker, Paris, and Katharine Mcphee from the girls. I can't wait until the results tomorrow night!


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Yeah, I love that Ace!!! He's a hotty!! I can't remember the name of the girl that I voted for, she was the last one to sing the other night..number 12; she sung that Barbara Streisand ( can't spell that) song...Loved her voice!!! I also like Paris, she was sooo full of energy and she has that little speaking voice, but a powerful singing voice!! I also liked Chris too; he's the one that resembles Allen Jackson right? Anyway, I can't wait till the show tomarrow to see if my votes mattered!!;)


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Bama Boys

Don't forget Taylor Hicks! He's a Bama boy from Birmingham!!! It took us forever to get our votes in for him last night! Ugh.....I hope he makes it through to the next round. I don't think he chose a good song last night. Anyway, I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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Guys all the way

I think the guys blew the girls out of the water last night. I was going for Kelly Pickler, but I don't think she did well Tuesday at all. Now I am going for Ace and Chris!!!!! I'm with you guys!

Mrs. G

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Me too!

I love it too! I can't wait to see who goes tonight. I have several favorites right now. I need to get to know them a little better before I start voting.:D


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well, here's my thought on the subject...lol

I teach music, vocal music, by the way, for those of y'all who didn't know that.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Taylor's voice, and the harmonica playing the week he made the top 24 put me over the edge...too much!!! :)

I also like Kellie pickler, and Paris's voice, I think those have talent.

Ace...can sing o.k., but I would like to hear more of his range.

The young guy, (the Josh Groban wannabe), has range, but only sounds like he's singing in one style when he was trying to sing "one last cry" the other night.

I like Katharine's voice, but her disposition seems like she might be a little too full of herself.

The Bobby Brady look-a-like sounded much better doing the crooner tunes, than he did on "I want you Back"...I think he should've picked a song closer to the style that he was used to.

And, I like Elliott's voice, good song choice.
Bucky was interesting as well.

Chris I can see going home pretty soon, as well as the young guy I mentioned earlier, who got his cheeks pinched by the girls the other night.

And, Gedeon...well, I liked his song, I was definitely entertained, but he needs to show more range, so he can keep more people interested.

And, I have to admit, I WAS LAUGHING, when that guy came out singing Copa Cabana....and I laughed even harder when I heard what Simon said, because it's EXACTLY what I was thinking....except I was thinking more like Barry was probably jumping out a window, so he wouldn't have to hear it anymore...lol;)

AHHHHH...Idol...gotta love it.

I hope Taylor will sing some Ray Charles soon...or maybe some Michael Mcdonald songs.



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Taylor is my favorite

Taylor is my favorite, there is something about his uniqueness that I love. I loved his little speech at the end his performance. I know the gray hair makes him look older but his talent is unbelievable.

Ace- Yes, what a hottie!

The girl that is 16 has a great voice and the granddaughter of the famous gospel family is good too. I also like the big girl. Her attitude is great. Her personality and talent will take her far even if she isn't the typical American Idol contestant.

This might be my favorite year yet!


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about that guy

I totally agree with you about that guy that sung the Copa Cabana song; I agreed with Simon, I thought of Vegas as soon as I heard him sing; I knew he would go. I too want to see Taylor sing some Charles; I bet it will be great!!! I voted for him too!!! He is sooo odd; I love him!!!:p


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Wow, Reb

I'll be watching for your posts. I've missed a couple of the shows, so I appreciated the updates. I definitely love to hear the talent, but to really grab my attention, they must have the personality as well. That's why I love the Pickler girl and Taylor. They are my picks so far. I mean the little 16 year-old - wow. She's just amazing, but Kelly grabbed my heart. I'm rooting for her and that's it. My daughter made up her mind to drive to Boston to audition this past summer for American Idol. She just graduated from college with her teaching degree but didn't have a job yet. Had a major relationship breakup - terribly depressed and just needed to get out of town and do something for herself. On her way to Boston, literally, a local school called her and offered her a job and she had to report to work the next day, so she had to leave the auditions and come home. I really want her to go back and try again next year.