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American Idol


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How could they get rid of Melissa when there are worse singers than she is? Do you guys think that the one everybody likes to call "Chicken Little" will survive next week?


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Chicken Little

I'm surprised he has stayed on the show as long as he has. I was surprised by some of the singers that were in the bottom 3 this week. There are several singers who really stand out among the rest, I think Chris does a great job! It will be interesting to see who is voted off next week.


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Not so surprised about Melissa since she flubbed her lyrics on her performance. VERY surprised every week that the little scrawny kid is still alive. And he wasn't even in the bottom 3!! I was surprised Ace was in the bottom 3. I find him very easy to look at and I thought he would easily get the teeny bopper vote. It definitely keeps you guessing!


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I often wonder if the voting really counts. I watch many of the reality shows and I think I see a pattern: It seems to me that they will keep someone like Clay Jr. strictly for ratings until the producers decide when to cut him. I also think The Apprentice does this as well. Of course I have no proof, just opinion.

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Voting for the Worst

there is actually a website called votefortheworst.com that chooses the misfit AI contestant and votes for them. right now they are voting for "chicken little". i think the point (of the website) is that sometimes the worst people on idol are more entertaining to watch and vote for than the favorites that everyone loves and the judges constantly praise. don't know how many people they have voting for Kevin, but i have read a few news articles that mention the website as a possible reason he is still around.


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Has anyone heard about Simon's predictions?

I was listening to a morning radio program yesterday, on the way to school, and heard that Simon had made three top picks...for the final three.
Chris, Kellie, and....Taylor.
My husband is rootin' for Chris...and I do like the way he commands the stage, and takes over.
Now, I like Taylor....(huge fan...so are some of the other teachers I work with...who ask my picks weekly...lol.) I think the reason I like him the most, is because he dances NO matter what people say about him, can play harmonica pretty well, (I wish he could play it in one of his performances again. :( ) And....the whole blues/soul sound, to me, is awesome. My mom however (new AI fan recruit...thanks to the other lunch room ladies she works with, and of course, yours truely...lol), has decided that she doesn't really care for Taylor all that much. (she said that he's nice looking but that's about it...she doesn't like the way he sings.) But she does like Paris, and of course, "chicken Little". (I told her that Simon likes to joke that Chicken little goes for the nursing home vote, and teeny boppers, so I guess she would be the nursing home vote.) My mom said, "Yeah sure...smart alec." I thought it was funny...and so did my dad...lol.

And, I was a little miffed by Simon' selections, because I do think that Mandisa has what it takes. Mandisa has style, she sings well, and I think if she does make this, she would show a lot of people out there that you don't have to be "Miss America" rail thin to make it in the music biz.

But, if this doesn't work out for her, I'll bet Lane Bryant will be calling for her to be a model for them...my husband was the one who suggested this, since he remembered about another singer being a model for them a few years ago. (Queen Latifah used to be one of their models...also I told him there was another celebrity I remembered being a model for them, her name was Cameron something she played on a law show?)

Also, I just don't know if I see Kellie being in the top 3, I think his decision is based solely on the fact that she seems like a "naughty little minx".
too bad she probably still hasn't figured out what that is yet...lol



I am...

just not impressed with Miss Kellie. She is so dumb! I really think that it is an act. She saw that it worked for Jessica Simpson. No one can really be that stupid.


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I absolutley LOVE Chris. He is definelty my top pick. Next is McPhee and then Mandisa. As far as Chicken Little goes HE MUST GO!!! Why is he still there? He cannot sing. I think people are just voting for him because he is young and ???cute??? Why they think he is cute I am not sure. But, back to Chris he is awesome! While I am not sad to see Melissa go I certainly think that Chicken Little should have gone before her.


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Go Chris!

It is so exciting for me to watch Chris on AI, because he is from a town about 3 miles away and his band plays in our local bars. Kellie- another Tar Heel native- is going to stay for the simple fact that Simon and all the other guys are gaga for her looks. She can sing - but I think she could get on stage and croak the phone book and get votes enough to stay. Taylor is one of my faves too- for his simple, humble, originality. This year has a lot of great talent- can't leave out Katherine, Paris and Mandisa- I feel the girls definitely have more talent the the guys.


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My favorite is Katherine. Although I really like Mandisa, too. She is very down-to-Earth and pleasant, plus she has a great voice.


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Kevin=chicken little

I think Kevin should not have made it, but Will should have instead. I also wanted Ayla to take Kellie or Melissa's place.

Of who is left, I love Katharine. Kevin should have been in the bottom, Kellie should have also.

Top picks for me...Mandisa, Chris, Katharine (of course), and Lisa. I'm in the minority that doesn't like Taylor. His voice is great, but I can't watch him. What is the point of an entertainer you can't bear to watch?

Kevin needs to go, Paris is just annoying. Bucky is in the same boat as Kevin.


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Fellow NC girl here, rooting for Kelly! So what if she's playing the "Jessica Simpson-I'm so dumb I can barely breathe" card. It just may land her the win! I don't think for a minute she's as dense as she's coming across on camera. She's sweet, has a melt-in-your-mouth Southern twang and the men on the show love looking at her. Just playing along with the "I'm not so smart" routine may be simply part of the plan for a win.

Go Kelly! ;)



I like Chris and Katherine.

I think Taylor is simply ridiculous and lacking talent.

I don't like country music or the sound of the southern accent, so that rules out Bucky and Kelly.