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American landmarks


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I'm doing a unit that includes landmarks in America. Which do you think are the most important for 2nd grade? Of the 6 mentioned in the book, the kids had only heard of 3, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the Capitol building in Washington DC. The other 3 had no interest or significance to my students.


A couple more

As far as landmarks....
The Grand Canyon
Golden Gate Bridge
Niagra Falls
Sears Tower
Space Needle
St. Louis Arch

I'll try to think of more that 2nd grade should recognize in the news, or just know about.


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Many of the DC buildings
Golden Gate Bridge
Empire State Building
National Parks in Montana and California


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I vote for the Lincoln Memorial

You can bring up that ML King's famous speech was given there and it's used often for other speeches and rallies. You can have kids see if they can find Lincoln in the Memorial on the back of a penny.

When Memorial or Veteran's Day is discussed I bring up the many memorials famous and not. Iwo Jima, The Vietnam Wall, etc. There are also many around our own local areas.