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American Ninja Warrior


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I have only watched this show the past year or so, but I really admire the participants—their athleticism, strength and skills, dedication to training, and determination to succeed. If it had been around when I was young I probably would have wanted to try it.

Anyone else here enjoy this show?

Dr. A

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Yes, I like American Ninja Warrior.

My family started watching it years ago when it debuted.

I like that they lowered the competition age to 16yrs.

American Ninja Warrior Jr is great also-kids 9-12 yrs competing with similar strenuous tasks like adults on ANW.
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We look forward to this show. If more of our young people did something like this I do believe that bullying would be less of a factor in their lives.


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I have watched it on and off. I go bouldering about 4 times a week and there is a man there who trains who is also a Ninja Warrior!


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It always makes me cry!

I watch it pretty regularly but no matter what, I always end up crying. They do a great job with the story telling! And it’s just an inspirational show in general.