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An Introductory Lesson and Activity for Renaissance Unit

Social Studies 


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I am always reading the posts on ProTeacher, but I never post. I enjoy reading and learning from all the wonderful ideas from everyone. Now I need some advice. I am having an observation in the next couple of weeks. I am just finishing up a unit on Exploration and Columbian Exchange. Now I need something introductory but impressive for both the students AND the observer related to a Renaissance unit. I would appreciate any suggestions and units/resources/ideas that you have used and have been successful with. Oh...by the way I teach Middle School students. Thank you for sharing!


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I just so happened to finish my Master's this summer by creating a middle school unit on the Renaissance based on interactive simulations. I haven't posted the whole unit online yet but most of it can be found at http://www.mrroughton.com/renaissance along with the lesson plans, worksheets, etc.

I recommend checking out CSI: Florence if you're going for the wow factor or Perspective in Art if you want something a bit more traditional.