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angry at former district


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I've posted before about having changed districts after my former superintendent decided the purchase of Read 180 required a change in his Reading Improvement staff. I just found out that the state recognized my old campus for Comparable Improvement in Reading Scores.

You think the kids I got to pass the TAKS had something to do with bringing the scores up last year? Do you think that as the Reading Improvement teacher I could take some of the credit for this improvement and therefore deserved to keep my position at that campus!

Yes, I'm in a better spot in a better school and a better district. Boy, my last superintendent made a dumb decision without looking at the facts. I feel sorry for the person who replaced me. What kind of security does she have?
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don't worry..she's probably a relative

The new person is probably related to someone, which is why you had to go (even though you are certainly effective).


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Not your worry!

Move on and continue to do a great job! You are in a better place and appreciated.