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Animals Unit


mrs moran

I'm doing a unit on animals and I need a good culminating activity. I was thinking a report of some sort, but I wasn't sure how to make it age appropriate. I teach 1st. Anyone have any ideas???


Senior Member

Our kids enjoy doing dioramas with shoe boxes. Then, they present them a little more informally, and their dioramas act as prompts from which to speak. It also is great for talking about habitat.


Animal Reports

I also teach 1st grade and I am wrapping up a study on Vertebrate animals. My students picked an animal from a list which only included animals with a backbone. They will have a cover page with an original drawing. The next page is the body of the report. The first thing they have to do is determine what group their animal is in (i.e. Mammal, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Fish). Then they will have three sections: What my animal looks like, Where my animal lives, What my animal eats. They are writing about three-five sentences per section depending on ability. The third page is a picture page of their animal. The last page is a bibliograpy where they list their three sourses, an internet source (we are using [http://yahooligans.yahoo.com/content/animals/], an encyclopedia of animals that I have. It is published by scholastic and is called simply An Encyclopedia of animals, and then a book from our school library. As we know they will have to write reports from now on through college. I am trying to expose it to them now but with a fun twist as they are so excited about their report and that no one will have the same animal so they will not be compared to their peers. I am going to mount their reports on construction paper and post in our hallway for all to read! Hope this helps.