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announce a pregnancy to husband in a cute way


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I read an earlier post about announcing someones pregnancy to their students in a cute way......... I am trying to help a friend think of ideas to announce it to her husband and family in a cute way... any ideas?


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As a new Grandma

I would suggest that she tell her loved ones as soon as possible. My daughter called me with her shaky voice while still holding the EPT stick in her hand. I feel so blessed to have been included in the excitement from the earliest possible moment. My neice told her mom when she was already 5 months pregnant, (for some reason they love secrets) and I know she feels a little sad that she wasn't told right away.


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depends on if this is the first and if they were planning it..

my first kid, my husband was right there with me and the stick!

the second kid, not planned...and i had a suspicion and checked it....our fist was 1 1/2, so i had a little shirt made for him with primary letters ironed on in "caddywampus" child-like writing that said,
"I'm going to be a big brother!" i was trying to hold out until father's day for my son to wear it, but i couldn't stand the wait and revealed a few days before.

(we then had a family barbecue with his parents and my parents and had our son wear the shirt again.)

this is how we shared our first pregnancy with our parents:
my husband owns and runs a restaurant, so we invited them all to dinner and had a mock special of the day printed on the insert (just their menus, not the whole restaurant) entitled "Grandparent's Delight" and it said something about babysitting opportunities and a few other things...read just like an actual entree.

you could (or your friend) make a fake candy bar wrapper or Gatorade....or tie it into something the father likes/does.


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How my sister-in-law told us

She and my brother came over and handed us a gift bag with a bow on it. We were all surpised because it wasn't anyone's birthday or anniversary. My mom opened the bag, and wrapped in the tissue paper was the EPT stick.

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Not too creative

My husband and I had been trying to conceive and I suspected I was pregnant, so I lied to him about when my period was due so I would be able to find out and surprise him.

I gave him a wrapped present which was the pregnancy test and the book "The Expectant Father" (sort of a man-version of "What to Expect When You're Expecting"). Not super creative, but he is not one who picks up on subtle hints or innuendo, so I had to be pretty straightforward.


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I love the t-shirt idea. If I ever have another I will have one made for both of my girls. Big sister AGAIN!!! and I am a big sister now too! :) Very cute.

If you have no children yet you could invite the family over and wear a BABY ON BOARD shirt.