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Another NASCAR post


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It was shocking to see squeaky clean (aka Opie) Carl Edwards make a move to fake a hit to Kenseth a few weeks back when he thought the cameras weren't around. Now Kahne is pushing security guards to the ground. Are these guys being influenced by Stewart? I find it amusing how the NASCAR dictatorship tries very hard to ensure all of it's drivers and crews present themselves in only the best possible way to the public, yet it doesn't seem to curtail all of it (how could it?). Will this affect the way those three women in all of Kahne's commercials stalk him? Maybe they pushed him over the edge.


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Say it ain't so......

Stewart influencing them? I sure hope not. One of him is more than enough!!! Any day Stewart loses of DNFs is a great race day. I just don't like his attitude and think it's a bad example for the many kids that watch him every week. He's not the only one, but one of the worst.