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Another Sample Demonstration


Another sample animated how-to demonstration has been produced. You can try it here.*
What do you think? Should we do more of these? Will they be helpful to those who are feeling a bit lost? Comments welcome! :)

(*These demonstrations require a free software called Macromedia Flash to view. This free software can be downloaded directly from the Macromedia website. This program might already be installed on your computer. If the above sample works, you're all set!)
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explained the board better

I liked the tutorial on how to better use these boards. I learned a few things and it may help others who feel a bit intimidated:confused: . Thanks.:)


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How To

Fantastic effort. Although I am using the new boards I loved it and think everyone will learn a lot. Well done.:)


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I think that is GREAT

That is really awesome! You guys have been working so hard to improve everything! Hopefully, the new tutorial will help those that are still a little stand-offish.

Two Thumbs UP!!:D


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Good Job!

I liked the tutorial -- I think it will be very helpful to anyone new to the board!


Three Animated Demonstrations Now Available

Just a little update. We've now produced a total of THREE short, animated demonstrations to introduce visitors to the new boards. They are listed in the announcements HERE