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Another Summer Job Search

Mrs. Bee

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I guess I'm more or less venting. But as Spring has sprung, it's now time to think about resumes and getting the suit out and cleaned for another summer filled with hopeful expectations.

I'm grateful to have been given two long-term sub jobs this year, but unfortunately, as many of you know, those may not lead to a full-time position for next fall.

So now as the school year winds down, my stomach is in knots with butterflies battling it out. The thought of facing more interviews is giving me a headache. If I don't have a full-time teaching job for next fall, I'll have to find another line of work to go into. :( There's really nothing else I want to do. I love working with kids! Unfortunately, my school loan won't be put off any longer and I may have to try selling pharmeceuticals (sp?). At least I'd never run out of those cool pens those reps have.:)

Well... pleas feel free to offer any words of encouragement. Since I've been on this board, I realize I'm not alone. There's many of us struggling to find jobs. And I haven't given up hope, YET.

Good luck to all.


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what's in our future?

Mrs. Bee,

I know how you feel. You are not alone. I have already been on some interviews and nothing's come of them so I am really discouraged. I think I got those interviews because of my experience subbing for the past five yrs, so that is a positive thing. (I've gone w/out any interviews the first few yrs). But, I can no longer afford to sub and wait and hope to get hired, as I have a family to help support.

I'm really disappointed in the whole process, really. Fed up. My biggest mistake was thinking having a master's would make me more appealing! (Yes, well in any other profession it would!) It's too bad, I love the kids and don't want to get an office job. But it looks like I'm headed in that direction.

I do see alot of learning centers (daycare) looking for teachers, but does anyone know what they mean when they say "competitive salaries?" I have been looking into tutoring places as well. I recently had to take a test for one job (spelling and comprehension-type) and it was hard! - for a place that serves people w/dyslexia, learning difficulties, etc....There must be more of those places out there, so I am going to do some internet searching.

I know I haven't given you a whole lot of encouragement, but the reality is what it is. I've heard "hang in there" for five years now and if I could, I would, but I don't want to lose my house. If you or anyone else knows of a good alternative job that teachers like us might enjoy, please let us know! I still have hope...and I will until I walk thru the door of a job that doesn't lead me into a classroom! :)


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I definitely agree with you. Though this is only my second hiring season out I have to say that I am sick of it. I only had one interview last year and they had already hired someone anyway. Something has to come along this year or I too have to find another field of work. I just can't believe how HARD it is to get a job. My husband had it so easy when he graduated ( of course, he isn't in education). Every job he interviewed for, he was offered and he had to make the choice. If only we could have it so easy in education. It's such a rough field and there are so many potentially great teacher who just can't find employment.

A teacher commented to me once that all of the "good ones" are hired their first hiring season. Well...maybe that was the case 10 or 15 years ago but it sure isn't today. I have had so many compliments on subbing and even when I was a student teacher and here I sit...without a job...portfolio ready...resumes sent...suit cleaned...and no prospects in sight.

I wish you all luck in your job hunts this Spring.

Please wish me luck for my upcoming interview-I'll need it . ;)