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another time, another place



I'm taking a class on Social Studies Strategies and I need to read a book and suggest a couple activities related to the book. The theme is "Another time, Another Place". Please give me suggestions. The level is EC-4. Thanks


another time

Most Thanksgiving books would work well. Choose a really simple and factual book about Pilgrims. Make a large venn diagram on posterboard and provide some pictures (cut them from worksheets for older kids or copy from wherever) that you've pasted on small cards. Have kids sort the cards (foods, clothes, transportation, etc. that might have been evident in the book's story or illustrations) into Then, Both, Now. Make another set that shows things in the environment (water well, water faucet, cook fire, electric range, chair, etc.) and have them sort into There Both Here.


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this book is great...

"Out Of the Dust" by Karen Hesse is a great histroical fiction book.
And you can buy those little "literature unit" books to go with it.

Also, any of the american girls collection books might be good, too!


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"Oh, What a Thanksgiving" Steven Kroll

This is a great book for this... On one side it shows a child celebrating TG today, and on the other side it shows a child celebrating long ago... the pages blend into each other...

For Another Place, "The Masai and I" is a beautiful book that shows the same kind of blended pages, between a girl in the US and a Masai child... and it contrast and compares the two children's lives... really beautiful and meaningful...