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Another when did you tell...


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your child/children that you were pregnant? My DD is four and I am six weeks along. She has been asking for a little sibling for a long time now and we are very excited to tell her. I have a friend that told her son right away, another told her daughter at 12 weeks, and my neighbor didn't tell her son until she was six months! Another issue I have is that my DD attends the same school where I teach and I didn't want anyone at work to know until I had my first appointment.


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How exciting for you and soon to be for your little girl. If you don't want others at school to know, then I would hold off telling your daughter until you go to your first appointment. Maybe after your appointment, you could come home with a special gift for your daughter and a card that says something about her going to be a big sister. Then you both could share the good news together at school. My daughter was almost 3 when I told her about a baby on the way. I was only about 6 weeks myself and It didn't really click with her until I was showing. Then the impatience set in and she had a hard time not understanding why we had to wait so long. We shared lots of baby development in the womb books so she could better understand how her baby sister looked throughout the pregnancy. I also took her to my utrasounds so she could see as well. Again congratulations!:)

Me too

I know exactly how you feel. I am nine weeks along and my son is 4. Only a few people at work know but I am currently planning on keeping it quiet until the second week in December when I am 13 weeks. I have wanted to tell my son but I think he is going to be excited and tell people. I knew he would be coming to school for Halloween so I didn't tell him.

I actually just told him this morning but I don't think he gets it because I am not showing yet so to him it is not anything like my friends that are pregnant. The funniest thing is that we went to the store and ran into our friend whose wife is due any day. He was talking about the baby and my son said "My mom..." and stopped. My husband and I knew exactly what he was going to say but something made him stop. I am not sure what it was but I am glad he did.

What I guess I am trying to say is I wouldn't tell her until you are ready for her to tell the world.

Congratulation and good luck. This is an exciting time for both of us.


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When to tell

DD had just turned two whenever I was about 10 weeks along. She didn't really get it though. She was 2 1/2 when he was born. I think that is when it actually clicked for her.

Since your DS is 4 he would most definitely understand. I would probably wait until I heard the heartbeat. But for sure don't tell him unless you want EVERYONE and their dog to know. :D

My niece goes to the same school where I teach. When I was pregnant she was in K. I didn't tell her until I was ready to tell my class as I knew she couldn't keep it a secret for long!

Congrats! Here's to a healthy nine months! <!--lovestruck-->