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Any ideas for a x-mas literacy bag?



I am going to send home a literacy bag for Christmas. Anyone have any good activities or games that don't require a lot of supplies? I don't want to do Polar Express activities because we will be doing a whole day of those. Also it can have math activities in there as well. It is actually more of a take-home to utilize with family bag. ;)


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Making words

I do an activity where the kids try to make as many words as they can with the word Christmas. I do it at school but you could also send it home. I give them the preprinted letters that I make fairly large. I have them color all the vowels red.
I think there are tons of words to be made

- other ideas: make your own seek and find
- think of all the words related to Christmas and make a list of them
-- write about your family traditions

hope that helps.


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Making Words

Someone on PT this year posted some making words activities. I think there were 9 of them. One of the words was GINGERBREAD. The kids would try to make as many words as possible from this word, then sort the words they made. It would be cute to have a copy of the Gingerbread Man or the Gingerbread Baby to go with it.
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Directions to Making Words

Here are the directions to the making words for Gingerbread. Hope this helps!
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