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Any sales on thin dry erase markers?

Classroom Management 


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I'm looking for a really good sale price on the thin dry erase markers. They tend to average at about $1.00 give or take a few cents. I need to buy them in bulk so I'll have enough to last the school year.

In my classes, we use the fine-point dry-erase markers almost as much as pencils. I work in a community where students (sometimes!)buy a set of markers, but they just don't replace them when they dry out. If they use them for drawing/doodling, the markers last even less time.

Also, if they do buy them, parents will buy whatever is easiest to find or cheaper, so students bring in the thick markers Since we do repeated multiplication/division quizzes those thick markers don't work when students have smaller spaces in which to write.


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I don't know the price because it isn't listed, but this week at Office Max they are advertising Expo markers at BUY 2, GET 2 free.


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Dry Erase

I know that both the Dollar Tree and the dollar section of Target have packs of the thin ones for $1. I know that they are cheap and run out fairly quick, but they are pretty inexpensive.


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kmart has thin expo 4 packs for 2.50, but the picture shows 4 colors of markers, not sure if you needed just black.