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Anyone do a natural childbirth?


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DH and I are planning to have another child. I really want to do this pregnancy differently than my other two. I DO NOT want to go to a hospital. I want to do a natural water-birth at a birthing center. I also do not want to find out the sex of the baby and I REALLY want to breastfeed.

I am a little older now and want the third and last birthing experience to be more authentic. I also want to be more in control of the experience (no IV's, able to eat, drink or walk around, etc.) I know all births are different but DS came in 6 hours and DD came in 4 hours. I was up and walking within 1 hour of each delivery. I was showered, dressed, and in no pain. Yet I stayed in the hospital for almost 2 days each time. This time, I want to do things differently.

So, my question is, did you have a natural birth or go to a birthing center? What was your experience like? Why did you choose a natural birth? Thanks!


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I had DD in the birthing wing at the hospital. She was delivered by a midwife. We did know the sex in advance, which made planning a bit easier.

I did get pitocin to help move things along. I never got an IV, no epidural, just a shot of Fentanyl to take the edge off a bit.

We stayed in the hospital a little longer than normal because DD had a touch of jaundice- they were keeping tabs on her. We also met with a lactation consultant since she wasn't a good nurser in the beginning.

I liked the fact that I could walk around, eat a light meal, and that DD wasn't groggy from any meds. It was painful, but not any worse than getting my legs waxed!


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I had 2 out of 3 of mine naturally (I had Demerol with #1 - big mistake - made me nauseaus!). It was painful, but thankfully I had very fast labors (3 hours, 1 1/2 hours, and 30 min.) so the pain didn't last long. I did breathing exercises and it REALLY helped. With my last one, she was born in the bathroom at home because we didn't make it to the hospital - hubby had to deliver her. We were both fine, but we still went to the hospital afterwards. She got a staph infection 10 days later and a nurse confidentially told me she probably got it from the hospital! We should've stayed home!

Anyway - natural childbirth was a great experience for me! I chose natural because I didn't like the thought of a huge needle in my back. I also heard the recovery was easier. I breastfed all 3 of mine for a year each (and the last one even longer) and wouldn't have changed a thing. <!--lovestruck-->

The only downside would be not having a quick set-up in case of emergency - that would be the only part that would concern me about doing it at home.


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quasi natural

hospital botched it every which way. I'd stay away from hospitals if I had to do it again. The pain was so intense that my mind shut it all off, what a trip. Won't bore you with the details.


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I had #2 naturally, with a midwife, no meds (and #1 with a pudendal (sp?) block). We did have him in the hospital; there is NO WAY DH could have handled it any other way. He was near panicked that the midwife was across the street when it was time to push. I asked the nurse, "Ever done this before?" She said, "Of course." I replied, "Me too! Let's go." The midwife arrived just in time to hand me the baby.

I did not do a water birth but definitely would consider it if we had another. I was glad to be up and moving around very soon and I'm kinda proud that I didn't do epidurals... ;)


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I had both of my children in the hospital, but with no pain meds either time. My oldest is my daughter, she's 9. I did not have any IVs and was offered a jacuzzi and the room was nice and we stayed in the same room the entire time.

My son was born in a different hospital. He's 2.5. I had to have an IV because there was some merconium (sp) and he was a big baby (over 9 lbs.) Turns out he was pressing on the cord and his heart rate would go down, etc. That hospital switched you to a different room after the baby was born but still offered a jazuzzi, etc.

I'm glad that the medical supports were available, especially with my son. If you look around you can find hospitals that have a wide variety of accommodations. Midwives are also a great experience. My sister-in-law is a maternity RN and also a doula.

Good luck.:)


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I didn't have a natural childbirth, so I can't answer your questions or comment on that, but I noticed you REALLY want to breastfeed. Is this baby the first one that you will be breastfeeding?

My son is almost 9 months old, and I still breastfeed him. It was rough at the start, but after a few weeks it got so much better, and now it's great!

If you really want to breastfeed, I recommend contacting your local La Leche League leader. I was attending the meetings (until I went back to work), and they were so helpful-especially when my son was a newborn. They are very welcoming and supportive. You don't have to attend the meetings (although I recommend it), but you can also contact the leaders on the phone if you have questions or concerns. They are not Lactation Consultants, but they are (or have been) nursing mothers who've gone through a training program to become LLL leaders.

The biggest help for me was the support from my husband (who attended a breastfeeding class with me), support from LLL, and the support from the hospital's Lactation Consultants.

BFing is more difficult than I thought it would be (at the beginning), but it is well worth it! I teach first grade and I'm in the middle of my second cold ALREADY :( My son hasn't had a cold yet (knock on wood). He also goes to daycare part-time. I attribute his good health to the fact that I've been BFing since his birth.

Good luck and congratulations!


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natural childbirth

I had my daughter naturally w/ a midwife in a hospital. It was a fine experience. She was born qickly and a didn't even have time for drugs if I had wanted them. I took prenatal yoga and birthing classes that both really helped keep me calm. She was born at night, so they had the lights off and used a spotlight to see what was happening down there. It all worked out beautifully.