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Anyone else OVER 2012?!


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This has been one of the worst years of my life and I'm SO OVER IT. Bring on 2013!

I'm not trying to list them or complain but this year was terrible. Moving from my family, Reid's autism diagnosis, back surgery and too many bad choices to count.

Here's to 2013! I hoping that it brings happiness and some positivity.


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Oh, I'm sorry this year has been awful for you. For me on the other hand, this year, technically mid-2011 to now has been the best, most life-changing events for me: I got my dream job, got a new place to live, & got to go on a much-deserved little trip (4 days). I hadn't travelled anywhere great since 2009.

Now, if only I could have lost about 25 lbs! I guess that's next year's resolution!


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Meeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I am ready to move on to better things!!!! Was a pretty good year until Dec and then it all went crashing!


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I'm over it too!

My house was damaged with the storms back on June 29. While I didn't have to work during that time (a blessing), I didn't feel like I had my summer vacation. I had to move out for 3 months. I actually moved back in before I really should have but I wanted OUT of that apartment and back home under any condition.

There is a list of about 10 little things that still need to be fixed or touched up before the contractor is done. I figure it would take a whole 2 hours if everyone necessary showed up. At this point, 2-3 of those items will have to wait until after winter, I think. I haven't made the last payment and won't until it's DONE.

Here's to 2013. It has to be better!


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Wishing everyone a good 2013

I'm sorry that 2012 wasn't a good year for everyone. It was for me and I'm completely grateful.


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Wishing for a good year for all of us! 2012 brought many ups and downs for me so a year of stability and no major changes would be nice. Happy New Year everyone!


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I think it is normal to see good and bad

at the end of a year. I don't even know if it is optimism or pessimism how we view it. Perhaps it is perspective after something has passed. I saw three members of my immediate family- both parents and my only child all hospitalized with serious illnesses that required lengthy hospital stays, surgery and recovery. My daughter was the most gravely ill. I can say that I am eternally grateful to surgeons, doctors and, above all, to the Good Lord that they are all alive and thriving. It sure has made me more grateful for them.

I hope that all the bad things that have had us down pass in 2013 and hope that good things come to all of us!

Happy 2013!


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Here's to 2013 - Over 2012 As Well

I am looking forward to the new year. 2012 had its ups and downs for me. I lost both of my grandparents that were married to each other for 56 almost 57 years within 3 months of each other. My grandma passed away on March 24th and my grandpa passed away on June 26th.

On the bright side, I started going to Zumba classes when an old friend of mine and her mom invited me to start going with them back in May. It also gave me a chance to make even more friends that share a love for Zumba like I do now. I also reunited with an old college friend who is actually one of my neighbors as she only lives a couple streets over. I met a couple other ladies through her and we started a monthly lunch get together, along with her introducing me to some of her church friends and high school friends too. We meet monthly for Bunco parties and that's a lot of fun.

The other good thing is I'm done with subbing again for at least a year since I started a new job teaching high school math from home :). I love this new job, of course still adjusting to it since I just started almost 3 months ago, but it's been worth it. I hope to stay at this school for a long time. It's nice working from home especially this time of year when the weather could be bad.


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I am right there with you! I can't say is was the worst year ever, because there were a few highlights... however, it was a tough year medically. I'm hoping that 2013 is free of doctors and that my knee holds out and doesn't give me anymore trouble that what I am left with.

I hope everyone has a very lucky and happy 2013!


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Love fresh starts!

There is always good and bad things that happen every year for us. It depends on how I look at things I guess. :) I broke my hip in Feb, and was home for 3 mths. DH had knee replacement surgery in July, he was home for 3 mths. This year made us both realize that being 59 is not the same as being 20 (when we go married) LOL Our bodies and minds just don't work the way they use to. <!--giggle-->

Our oldest son (36 - never married and no children of his own) got married in Aug. and we instantly became step grandparents to 3 wonderful children Our youngest son (32) who lives out-of-state made a surprise visit in Aug and then came in Oct for the wedding celebration!

Our beloved dog of 12 yrs had to be put to sleep, which broke our hearts. I still expect to see him laying in his favorite spots around the house. :(

I don't make resolutions each year but I love the feeling of a fresh start and look forward to what the new year will bring!

Happy 2013 to you all!!!<!--sing-->


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If we have no more medical bills(or surgery) in 2013, I will be very happy.

However, the last part of 2012 has been humbling and has showed me the goodness many people feel, and that is the joy I am going to bring into 2013.


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I won't miss the incredible lows from 2012 (I'd like to say they won't be revisited in 2013, but there are still some unresolved issues). :(

However, we did enjoy many other things this year: wading in the surf until our feet cramped from the cold water; golden summer sunsets that seem to last forever; the laughter of small children.


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I so agree, 2012 was the saddest year of my life and I will be more than happy to say goodbye to it. Starting 2013 with a hole in my heart from losing my dad to cancer, but hoping as the year goes on the pain will lessen. 2012 sucked!


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Definitely one of the worse. Defiantly some +'s but not many. Most of the - have to do with medical bills first the cat then now me (and MY STUPID F____ING insurance who makes my life totally confusing, expensive and not sense at all)

I am just praying that somehow 2013 will be better...Trouble is I don't know how. I'm just trying to look at the +'s-

I have a GREAT "niece", great friends who would do anything for me most of the time, I have GREAT parents (& a great sister, the other one is just okay), and I have some student parents & helpers who REALLY think I am awesome despite what the P things. :rolleyes:


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Not too bad. I have had some good times and some bad.

I am looking forward to a new year though. This will be a big year for me!!