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Anyone else worn out by all this technology?

Educational Technology 


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Who else is completely worn out from all this technology?
There are so many platforms to learn and use - WebEx, Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Amplify, Illuminate, etc.

We just learned how to use WebEx, Google Classroom, Amplify, and Illuminate in a short amount of time. Now it's SeeSaw. Thank goodness they don't expect us to use it until next school year, but they had to show us today for some reason to stress us out more.

Weird thing though, my coworkers, especially the younger ones were excited about it. I thought, they were training us to use Google Classroom 2 wks ago, and now this gets sprung on us! I said this is great to go along with the others but was thinking, what the?

I'm so stressed from the lag time and echoing on live sessions everyday. How can you all stand it? I sit there and listen during meetings because I can't stand to hear my voice twice from the lag time. Then, to listen to others and their echoing makes my skin crawl. I just can't wait for the meetings to be over.

Anyone else? I have a headache thinking about it!


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Absolutely agree

I am about to jump off the bridge- well not really! But I am completely stressed out over all this. If I'm not crying over instructional platforms, then I question my own professionalism. Really! I have been teaching 20 years. I have been Disney nominated! I may not be the best at technology, or even good at it, but I CAN teach. With that said, I am counting the day until school is over. Which, by the way, our super has not given a formal last day!!! Too many unanswered questions. Next year, I may use all 119 of my sick days to start the year.


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I agree

Yes, technology can be so confusing and stressful. Especially to those who are not used to it. Using technology in the class has both pros and cons. Pros include improving engagement and retention, make it fun, stay organized, and allow for collaboration. Cons consist of being distracting, create complications, and increase cheating. However, I believe it's important to stay updated and incorporate technology to be able to give students the best learning environment. Stay positive.


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I think we also have to be careful about adding and using too many different technology products. While we don’t want the kids bored, we also don’t want Learning a variety of tech to overPower the curriculum we need to teach.


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Learning about all the technology available

I am going to college to become a teacher and have a class right now that we are learning about integrating technology in the classroom. There is so much out there. How do you, as a teacher know what is the best tools for your students? Do you even really get a choice or chance to pick it what you want or need? Or is the decision made for you of what technology you will have in your classroom?


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Technology does have pros and cons. It can be a struggle for those who did not grow up using it very much and even for those who did. There are new things always popping up. I work for Head Start Preschool and it took us a few weeks to figure out which programs were working for our program and ones that were not. We shifted through programs and it was stressful. Luckily, we had the choice of what we were using. I know that is not the case with districts. But being on the computer working all day gets to you, as it does the students.


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When we first started, I'd end up with a headache after each video meeting. I'd head out for an hour walk each time afterward. We just got a survey asking about different platforms we're familiar with. Apparently a committee is narrowing things down for the fall.

Onenew1--we didn't get a choice of what to use. Were told that some were using Zoom, then there were problems so told to use Google Meets, then another online platform. I don't think anyone was just using anything they wanted. The big issue was also teaching the students and families how to use these as well. Huge learning curve for all of us.


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I do think there has to be some commitment to use the same products throughout a school- at least building-wide. Parents also have to learn a little about them all and it is much easier if their children's' teachers use the same programs.

I don't want to spend the whole day on the computer. It really does wear on a person- and I do spend a large amount of time on it on a normal basis.

It is looking more and more like we will be using a large amount of virtual school next year. It will be interesting seeing it play out.


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Yes, tired

I'm tired and I don't even have a smidge of the technology most of you are using. And when someone says, "just use such and so and so" they could just as well be speaking Greek! Peardeck flipgrid snippet idk wth lol!

I ask a question about technology and I am more confused after someone tries to help me. Maybe I am the one speaking Greek!


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Younger teachers always seem to jump on the new tech first. In 2007 I joined my second district, a more technologically advanced one than the first. We had smart boards in all the classrooms, laptop carts, computer labs, if the textbook came with an online component we had it.

My first summer with the district I signed up for all the technology PD classes I could. There was a new second grade teacher that loved the tech, throughout the PD sessions he kept saying “this is gonna be huge!” One of our trainers said to him, “it’s not about the tech, but how you teach with it.”

Too often people get wrapped up in the tech and don’t see it as a tool to help them teach.