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Anyone familiar with A/R ?



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I don't understand the point system. My son can read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and get 1/2 point or he can read a very wordy Berenstain Bears book and still only get 1/2 a point and both books are considered Level 1. (red)

Also, I have heard through the grapevine that some teachers read a book aloud to the class and then every child takes the test and earns the points. Isn't that wrong?

Does you school give out trophies and prizes for points?


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Most of the books at your son's level are not worth more than 1/2 point. My kids are also in K and 2nd grade and we've been doing AR for 3 years at our house too. I think you should just support whatever book your son selects from the school media center and allow him to read it to you each evening. Sometimes he might get a super-easy book, and feel like a pro reading it to you. If your boy is like mine, he's kind of tired of an evening after a long day and may not be up to the challenge of deciphering a lot of strange vocabulary words. He will still get something out of an easy book and build fluency. If he catches the reading bug as my kids have, he'll select tougher books that look interesting and with your help be able to read them successfully. He'll buld his skills this way.

Maybe you could read something to him like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and ask the teacher if he could take that AR test as well. I have done so with my kids on occasion.

It might be possible that the teacher reads aloud to the class and the whole class gets to take the AR test. I don't consider it cheating myself. I read Hiroshima to my kids this week and any who wanted were invited to take the test too. It's not like the kids got tons of points from this experience and they enjoyed getting a "freebie." My 6th graders don't tend to be reading lovers though, and getting them to read and take tests is almost impossible unless it is read in class.

I wouldn't focus too much on points. If your child reads a book every night, the number will grow and he'll get to be a better reader. Teacher is surely familiar with the AR program and as long as your child participates and is passing the tests, he'll receive favorable marks in the grade book.


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It isn't a question of..

being ABLE to read the books. My son is in 1st grade and reads on a 3rd grade level. It just seems like the point system is odd.

He currently has 89.5 points. That's 179 books he has read this year. He has set a personal goal of 100points by May 12th, when AR ends at our school.

Also, does your school post points for the whole school to see?



The points system is based on the number of words in the book. I'm not exactly sure where the division is. I admit that 1/2 point is strange, especially since the students reading smaller books tend not to understand fractions/decimals, but that is how it works.

When it comes to the program, I love it, but I also do not use it has a reward system. I want to take each student at their level and move them forward. The lower students need the most help so why I am I going to post that they only have 20 points when my top readers have 100. They all work very hard to meet the goals that we have set together. I also do not post their certification levels (ready reader, star reader, classic reader, etc.) I do pass out the certificates and we clap and congratulate, but each student puts a sticker up for each certification (and the ready reader stickers look the same as the classic reader stickers).

The program is great, but there are some schools that use it incorrectly. I believe that we should not post on a wall or point out, what each student is accomplishing. The point is for students to practice and improve at reading.


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Accelerated Reading

My school uses A.R. We do give out awards at the end of the year based on point totals. Students in grades K-4 only have to earn 10 points for the year in order to receive a small prize. Students in 5-8 must earn at least 25 in order to receive a small prize at the end of the year. Our school has a schoolwide reading time (30 mins per day) for A.R.

I teach sixth grade, and if I read aloud to the kids, they are allowed to take an A.R. test on the book if they wish. Reading aloud is so important to them, even in sixth grade. I don't read the test to them. I do read the test to my special education students, if needed.

Also, at my school, grades cannot be effected by the A.R. program. A student's grade cannot be influenced by the number of A.R. points he/she has earned. It's a motivational program only.