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Anyone from Arizona?


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My parents are talking about moving to Arizona and I'm not sure I could live so far away from them!

I'm just wondering how the job market is there for teachers? How about my DH? He has a degree in computer information systems.

Any ideas?



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Love it!

I've lived in Phoenix ever since I graduated from ASU (class of '05). The job market is great, you will get one for sure. If you PM me I'll let you know the districts you want to work in, where I work, etc. Enjoy the move!


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Two year

I am starting my second year of living in Chandler. I also really love living in Arizona. Temps are still in the 80s. Like the other poster said there are tons of jobs for teachers.


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Thanks for the replies!

I don't know how to send a PM... but the area they're looking at is Surprise.

Anyone know of how the jobs are there?


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I've lived in Arizona alomst all my life. Surprise is not that far from Phoenix. (It's just north of Sun City)It's so big you don't even know when you leave one city and go into another. There are always jobs, we are building schools all the time. Come to my district. We always need teachers, have a FOUR day week and are located between Phoenix and Tucson where houses are cheap!!! We are Toltec Elementary but there is also Casa Grande Elementary (they go five day!!!) and they are building a new school every year. Join us... the weather is great.