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Anyone had plastic surgery after a large weight loss? Maybe TMI


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I'd like to hear your experiences, positive and negative. I'm not there yet - 90 lbs lost so far and more to go! From what I've read/researched for any chance of insurance to cover it you have to lose over 100 lbs and maintain for a year to give your skin time to "tighten up." I've still got more to lose but I am starting to consider options for the skin that isn't changing... mainly my belly and my arms. It really is all over, but those are the big ones that impact me the most! But the risks of the surgery and the trouble with the recovery are quite an option to weigh against the benefits. I am working out like crazy and building and sculpting muscle underneath (i feel the strength and know my body is changing for the better, but the skin is still there)

FYI - I had been about the same plus size person since I was in 9th grade. I had gained a little more to get to my heaviest point, but the size had been really consistent for over 15 years, so my body had a really long time to get used to all that skin.... so I know it will take a while to see any change. I am 32 so I have that on my side...from what I've read, the likelihood of your skin "tightening" is better if you are under 40 AND haven't been plus size for a long time.

Thanks for sharing!


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I have no advice, but I just wanted to say wow! You must be an inspiration to a lot of people!! That is so amazing!


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My insurance won't cover it. Period. It's written out in my plan very clearly. <!--grumpy-->

However, if you have a chance to get yours covered, go for it! I know some other WLS people that have had plastics and are very happy with their results. Most of us can't afford to pay out of pocket for plastics so we just live with the extra skin.

Good luck!


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I'm interested too!

I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy about 13 months ago and have loss
almost 100 lbs! I have gone from a size 24 to a size 14. I am 44 and have been overweight for over 25 years! I do have some hanging skin but not a lot. A bit around my tummy/apron and my arms/bingo wings! I asked my surgeon and we will not consider it until the fall, by then I should be at my goal weight 30-40 lbs more and stable. It looks very painful! My insurance covers it and I would lose about 10-15 pounds more in skin but I am scared ...we will see in a year how I feel.