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Anyone interested?



gifted teacher

I'm interested, but there's never anyone here!


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I agree!

I check in from time to time but I don't think that this board's existence is known by the TAG community.



I am looking for other GT educators in Texas to dialog with regarding the needs of gifted children.


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Gifted in Texas

I've been working with gifted children in Texas for the past ten years. When our district did away with their magnet program a few years ago, I was placed back in the regular classroom, and have the GT sudents on our campus clustered into my class.

Now they've decided the current plan isn't working... and the teacher who has it is leaving for a new position, so I'm applying for it... should have an interview in the next week or so (it was just posted this past week).

Either way, I enjoy this board... it's good to share ideas with others in similar situations... to bounce ideas, share information and just have someone who understands your 'vents".. :-D


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me three!

I'm in TX too. I just finished my student teaching, half of which was in the GT pullout room.


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I got the job...

and am definitely intersted in this board, and talking with other teachers of gifted students... especially since I'll be working with so many different ages. I've taught second and third; fifth and sixth.. so I'm thinking the 2-4 ones are not much of a change.. but I'm starting to panic about working with K-1 students... not wanting to go too low.. but also not wanting to get in over their heads...

support and discussion here would be a very good thing


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Hi and Interested

Hello All!! I am interested in the G and T board,too.. I teach gifted student pullout program with no curriculum...would love to talk to some of you who do the same..


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As a classroom teacher, with gifted student, I'm interested also. I have a lot of trouble differentiating for high level learners. So I'd love to keep an eye on this board for ideas and support.


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very interested

I know this was posted a year ago, but, YES, I'm very interested. I wish more people would check this board out. It's hard to find good information and sources for gifted education. I see that the last person replied to this post in May 2007, so maybe some people are looking.


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Interested, but I don't teach it. My son is in the gifted program. I would love to help him more.


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I'm definitely interested in this board. Just found this board one day this week or last (?). I'm a gifted teacher in the regular classroom and would love to talk about differentiation and would love suggestons on where to get resources and materials. :)