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anyone sell on TPT?



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does anyone here sell on TPT? i was looking into it but their fee seems a little high. am i wrong?


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TPT *does* have high fees, but the trick is to sell downloads with several pages, so you can charge more.

There's a new site called Teacher's Notebook that is offering one year free. However, when I tried to sign up, they asked for my credit card info -- but the site is not secure (http instead of https). I emailed them about this, but they never responded to my email. There seem to be lots of teachers using the site already, so I am waiting to hear what happens. Maybe I am just paranoid.


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go for it!

I recently signed up about a week ago because I was making things for my classroom. You can join TPT for free or pay about $59 (i think) and they take out less fees. As of right now, for every $1 they take .70 cents. I'm fine with that for now because I am only posting things I have already made so ANY penny I make on it is free money in my eyes. I assume as I start to sell more I will consider upgrading. Try it out it (for free) it wont hurt! It's amazing how easy and fast it works!

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I have a store...

but I don't pay the fee...which means that they take more money out for every transaction. Last quarter I made $65.


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I have been selling on TPT for a couple of years now and I love it. I do pay the fee, but have made almost $3000, so it has been worth it for me.