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Apples and Harvest


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I am doing a theme project for school. The project has to include 20 lesson plans on apples and/or harvest (Thanksgiving, Halloween, fall, leaves, etc.). If you have any ideas or suggestions I would appreciate it. The lesson plans must be appropriate for Kindergarteners. Thanks ahead of time for any help!

Kerri M

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A few suggestions

Can they be any subject? Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but here are a few things I have done:

You could do a lesson on using the scientific method to find out whats inside the apple. have the kids draw a picture of what they think the apple will look like if cut in half vertically and then horizontally. Then cut the apple to find out and then have kids draw a picture in a box next to their first showing what it actually looked like. Discuss whether or not hypotheses were correct.

Another easy one is a math lesson on sequencing by making applesauce. Write the directions on sentence strips and have the class put them in order. Discuss why it order is important. Then follow the recipe in the correct sequence to make your own applesauce.

Have the kids use their five senses as a tool for inquiry to compare different apples (green, red etc). Make a class chart comparing the different kinds (what did they look like, smell like, feel like, taste like) then graph which one was the class favorite.

Carve a pumpkin with the class for Halloween. The day before make 3 class graphs to determine what it will look like. Each student gets to vote once for eye shape, once for nose shape, then once for mouth shape. Asses students ability to read a graph by asking them to draw a picture of what our pumpkin will look like based on the graph (they have to be able to read which one had the most votes to draw the picture)


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theme project

What are the standards you are addressing? All lesson planning begins with the standards. Is this something you are doing on your own, for a college class?? The problem with theme projects is that too often there is more "fun" than teaching the standards. It is important to always ask yourself why you are teaching a lesson.