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Are you a Dixie or a Yankee?



what fun!

45% Yankee (barely into the Yankee category)

This was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

Hokie Fan

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A True Dixie!

74% (Dixie). That is a pretty strong Southern score!

As expected, I'm a southern girl!
I'm surprised there are no questions about food you eat, as that can be a sure-fire way to tell. My fave foods-spoon bread, collard greens, ham biscuits. My SIL (from Tx) had never seen or heard of a ham biscuit until she visited us in Virginia! <!--yummy-->


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40% (Yankee). A definitive Yankee.

Makes sense, since I was born and rasied in IL. I have lived in VA for 8 years and people can always tell I'm not from here!!:)


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Big shocker - not!

73% (Dixie). That is a pretty strong Southern score!

I'm a died in the wool G.R.I.T. except for those pesky 7 years I had to spend with the Yankees! (Went to middle and high school in NY)

Fun! :D


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I'm barely a yankee! I never thought about it, but the quiz kept saying this was a Chicago reference and I'm from Chicago. However, I've had people ask what part of the South are you from. This always makes me wonder because my maternal family is from Wisconsin and paternal is from Michigan. Where did I get a southern twang from? I think it's because I like country music. This was fun!


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I was a definitive Yankee....40%...I can't believe it wasn't higher...some of them were tricky on the pronounciation...my hubby is Dixie...too funny...just one more way we are opposites!:D


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Well, I'm only 53% Dixie which is a little disappointing since I've lived in Louisiana now 64% of my life.

Wow... I thought no one would be able to tell any more that I wasn't born and raised here. After all, I LOVE to eat crawfish and I say "Ya'll"! :D


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85% Dixie--Interesting, since I was born, raised and spent my first 22 years of life in PA. I have only lived in the south for 7 years (6 years in North Carolina and 1 year in Tennessee)!


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I was really surprised that I was 74% Dixie! I grew up in Maryland, but I've lived in the south for a much longer time (over 30 years) - I guess it grew on me! :D

Mrs. R :)

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40% (Yankee). A definitive Yankee.

Now, that was wicked awesome. I need to get to the bubbler after I finish my grinder, you guys. <!--misspeak--> FUN! Thanks for sharing...


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Barely a Yankee..

which is odd, since I am a NJ/NY girl who'd never move out of the Northeast! Maybe it had something to do w/ my not being able to answer a few questions (none of the responses were relevant).


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well that is what happens

when you move from the northeast to the most southeastern state and live there for over 5 years.......40% Yankee- need to be around more Yankee exposure........


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84% Dixie

YEs, I do have Confederate ancestors. I was born & raised in Texas (10th generation.) :D When I first moved from Texas, the teacher across the hall had to give my kids the spelling test some weeks, since they couldn't understand me at times.LOL