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Are you off tomorrow?



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I have school, but my son doesn't (again! The students just had off for Election Day, too!).

I did have Thursday and Friday off, due to the NJ Teacher Convention, so I can't complain! :)


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We are in...

But me and my entire team is going to a training. Hour long lunch and who knows we just might get out early!

I will be out this FRI b/c DH is having his back surgery. So this week will probably be the longest, shortest week of the year. :eek:


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We have school, :(
We also have p-t conf. Thurs night and Fri. am....and of course no time off to prepare. The joys of teaching.


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Can't you hear me singing!

I sooooooo needed this day off! I have done NO schoolwork all weekend and will probably only do a little bit tomorrow, which of course will make me have to work real hard this wee. Sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do! I did work on cleaning up the mess I left in our garage when I took my new job and just grabbed what I needed immediately to start at a different grade. I bought plastic buckets at Wallmart and have put teacher books, worksheets and novels in them. I still have a bunch to do in the garage, but at least I made headway. I was just writing the AR levels and points in the novels that I'm bringing to school. so I guess I am doing some school work. Can't ever totally get away from it!


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Veteran's Day

Nope, and we weren't off for Columbus Day either. I think Labor Day was our last day off! :eek: I can't wait for our two day Thanksgiving break!!


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no school

We are out of school - WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! I really need the extra day since I have been so very sick. I missed a week of school and really had no business being back last week, but I was a trooper and went anyway. Soooooooooo, I'm really thankful we have the day off.


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If it falls

on a week day we get off. BUT since it is on a weekend, no day off.

A few years ago, they took it away from us even though it was a week day. They traded it for MLK day. Many people got very upset! NOT that MLK is not important BUT the vets are important too.


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We do not get off for Veteran's Day, but it's probably due to the fact that the following week, we get off for Thanksgiving!

Looking forward to that!<!--leaves_fall-->


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Normally we would

go to school, but our high school football team made it to the semi finals of the state tournament and their game is tomorrow! We had Fri off last week because we had conferences last week! A 4 day weekend doesn't come around very often! I'm lovin' it!