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areas that need improvement in reading?



I was wondering if any teachers out can help me with this. For one of my classes I need to come up with anticipated outcomes as a result of any professional development opportunties for reading and math and how I would go about to meet that outcome in a small group. This is what I have so far. Oh yea, this is for the primary grades. (2-3) Thank you so much.. I really appreciate it. As you can see I do not have much to write.

Outcomes - Improve student fluency, improve overall reading comprehension, and increase student vocabulary

Activities - Incorporating technology into the classroom , using guided reading, and using think-alounds, assessing with running records

Outcomes - showing improvement when soloving word problems, learning facts ( addition, subtraction, etc.), rounding...

Activities - Incorporating technology into the classroom, meeting in small groups, using differentiated instruction, using manipulatives, playing various math games to learn different concepts, using songs to help students remember money, rounding...