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arrrgggghhhh!!!! What should I do?



I teach 1st grade, and have a boy in my class who I'm about to tear my hair out!!! Anyway today he didn't finish his work so at lunch he told his friend "Friends help friends out so help me get my work done" Being first grade, and his friend is pretty smart, he helped him (being he did it for him) The friend realized he was wrong and told me that if he was to help again he would actually help not do it for him. Anyway I am making the boy fix all his work for homework tonight. I am sick of having to ask him to work and help him all the time!! Anyway, he is also say many things about his mom that I feel are inappropriate. Today he told me and a mom helper "My mom does everything I tell her to do. I control her she does not control me." Those are his words I didn't change a word! He goes on to tell me his mom is ungrateful and yells at him all the time. His mother drives me crazy (calling all the time, writing notes all the time etc) I'm pretty sure she will call tomorrow and will be very upset that one: he got 2 frownies on his contract for incomplete work and 2: I put him on yelling for having someone else do his work. She gets really upset easy (once she told me she didn't sleep for a week when I wrote her a note about how he didn't get his work done). Anyway, I'm sick of all the drama going on, and I'm tired of it. My question is do I let the mom know all the things he says in class to me, parents and students? And how do broach (sp) the subject with her?



sorry I meant yellow not yelling I really should check my post, oh well


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There are so Many of these Kids

I have a child like this too in kindergarten. Mom has insisted that I send home all work he has not done and she will make sure it is done at home. He is an only child so I am sure that she gives him ample 1:1 with the work. The work I have him do is review. He is bright and could be doing so much more but he is in a rut. We sat down to discuss what I and my IA can do so that he can get his work done. His response to me was...1) GEt my attention 2) Remind me evey 10 minutes to do my work 3) Give me harder work. I told him he has to do the work I give him before I can ask him do "harder work".

What a manipulative child!!! His mom says he isn't like this at home.


Broaching Mom etc.


I had this situation a few years ago. I sent a letter to all parents to let them know that I was "introducing" a daily behavior report, just for their info. The form was easy..just date, student's name and 2 options (satisfactory or un), and beneath the latter, specifics listed (cursed, threatened teacher, etc. etc.). I just checked off each that applied.

This may be time consuming if you have a large population. But it gets the message out. How I handled it was, during my prep, I just made the checks for all the satisfactorily-bahaved kids (majority), and saved the
2 or 3 "bad" reports for near the end of the day. I only documented (for myself) the bad ones so I could cross reference dates if need be.

And, at the bottom of the form, I had a typed reminder w/a "sad face"
logo..."academic grades may be impacted by unsatisfactory behavior"
Some parents asked why this would be the case, to which I just
replied, "if a student is misbehaving, the student isn't working or learning"...

This method worked for me as a way to let parents know what was
going on..and, of course, if the behavior was unsatisfactory to the
point where the work really didn't get done, I just failed them on their
report cards. I never beg or demand that a kid do his work..he
either does it, or I fail him. One big "F" on the report card usually
makes for a pretty effective reality check. Let the parents straighten
the kid out..it all starts/ends with them. No need to drive yourself