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Art projects


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I need any ideas or suggestions for an Art project. I student teach in a kindergarten class and would like a project that would take 1/2 hour to an hour. The less supplies neede the better. I am also hoping that it is something we could post on the wall or hang somewhere.

K/1 Teacher

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class diorama

The student teacher in my classroom just did a cool project with the class. We're studying ocean life, so she had the class make an ocean diorama. Some students painted the inside of a boot box blue. Other students colored and cut out sharks, dolphins, whales, and coral. Then they strung them and hung them inside the box once the paint dried. It was a little complicated, but it all got done in two sessions....and it looks great displayed in the classroom. Plus, I like the fact that they all contributed to a group project.



Try some handprint art - either with painted handprints or traced and cut out handprints. The hands can be arranged to make a large picture/design on a board. How about a rainbow!