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Arthur Activities


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As those of you who use McGraw Hill know, Arthur Writes a Story is in our basal. I'm looking for some other activities to use to extend "Arthur" into two weeks. I have the Scholastic book "Teaching With Marc Brown's Arthur Books," but all of those activities are book specific. I also got some info from abcteach, but I'm looking for anything extra you might have.



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Have you been to the PBS website? They have stuff about Arthur there. Also check out the Bookbag Companion website connected with Mailbox magazine. They have some stuff there, too. ;)


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Book/Movie Comparison

I read one of the many Arthur books found in our library and then watch the short cartoon with the same title. We then do a book/movie comparison using a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences between the movie and book. You can also try not showing them the pictures when you read the book. Tell them that being a good reader means you have to use your imagination. Next, have them draw their favorite part of the book the way they saw it in their head. Then have them watch the movie and you can talk about how their imagination differed from the video illustrations.
We also visit the PBS website in computer lab. If there is any extra time, I put "How to Draw Arthur" on the overhead projector and let them do the step by step illustration of the character. "How to Draw Arthur" is found on that website.