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Assembly Item


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I amin need of any ideas. Each fortnight a class at my school runs the assembly and then puts on a5-6 minute item. eg song, dance etc I am after any ideas that people may have done. In the past I have done a real mixture of things but would love a new idea. I have year 2 in Australia.


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Angels Among us....

I once did an assembly with my class that was amazing! Parents wrote in to the school to let the admin. know how much they loved it.

I downloaded the song "Angels among us" by Alabama. I also had my students take a digital camera around the school taking many, many pictures of staff and students. We put all the pictures in a powerpoint presentation and timed it to the song.

At the very beginning of the song (before the chorus), there is a "speaking" part...kind of like a story is being told, during that part of the song, I had my students draw pictures to represet the story told. I scanned those pictures and put those in before all the photos.

It turned out WAY better then I ever expected. The staff and students were in awe as they watched the presentation on a big screen. Many staff members were really emotional.

It was beautiful....staff talked about it for weeks to come....