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Assessment Woes


Junior Member
I guess everyone this time of the year is feeling the same way that I am. I feel like my students are being assessed to death. I teach first grade and right now I am doing Math Assessments for NC, Developmental Reading Assessments, and Science Assessments that go along with our science kits. I am a first year teacher and I think that this is one of the hardest things to handle. Learning to manage all of these assessments and teach takes strategic planning. Please share your feeling on all of the assessments we are required to complete.


I feel you

I am a first year 4th grade teacher in Texas and if they don't pass they don't go on. So, its a big stress. We had a benchmark today that I am grading as we speak and praying they pass. I think 1st grade is too young to start them in testing,plus the assessment is not accurate at that age/